Mini-Assignment #2: A Day in the Life of Cheep-Cheep

Image of Cheep-Cheep facing the left side of the screen. It is a red fish with white wings and a belly. Its fins and tail are yellow. It's also got orange lips and large, oval eyes.

Hi guys! I’m Cheep-cheep, and you might know me from the Super Mario franchise. Did you guys know that life is so hard when you’re a little fish in the Mario world? I’m here today to tell you guys all about it.


Most days, I start my days with a quick swim around the beach. Depending on my mood, I decide if I want to swim in a straight pattern or a wavy pattern, or if I’m feeling extra energetic, I’ll even do some leaps out of the water!

But I only get my full swim on days where I’m lucky and don’t run into Mario. Whenever he sees me, it’s on sight – he starts shooting fireballs at me before I can even open my mouth to say hi. It wasn’t always like this. I used to be able to do my morning swims without any distractions; it used to be just me and my friends and the whole ocean to ourselves! To make sure Mario KNOWS that he’s been ruining my mornings, I make sure I bump into him hard enough that he takes damage and loses his fireball skills.


Three Cheep Cheeps swimming in Cheep Cheep Lagoon. Original image from Mario Kart 7.

If I’m feeling a lil snacky after lunch, I like to head over to Cheep-cheep Lagoon to grab a few bites of seaweed. They’re so soft and yummy – but Mario shows up here, too!

Not only will he be driving by the seaweed on a fast ride called a “Kart”, but he likes to bring several of his friends to race with him on the lagoon floor. All of them race so fast, and none of them watch where they’re going! They have no idea how painful it is when they bump into me and my friends full-speed. All they see is a big, red obstacle that they have to drive around, but we’re just friendly fish trying to have a yummy afternoon snack!


I can’t go to sleep without some good exercise, and the shores of Lake Kingdom are perfect for some nighttime swimming. Lake Kingdom is a fun place to be because I get to hang out with my friends, Snow Cheep Cheep and Green Cheep Cheep!

That is, only if Mario doesn’t join us. For some reason, if we’re at Lake Kingdom, he’ll try to absorb me, because it makes him swim and bounce around faster. I don’t know where he’s in such a rush to get to. But look at what I look like whenever Mario absorbs me! I grow the most hideous mustache known to all of fishkind! What good is a mustache even supposed to be?

Cheep Cheep merged with Mario, wearing a large red hat with the letter 'M' on it and a mustache. Original image from Super Mario Odyssey.

I’m so tired of Mario!

And that’s what a typical day in my life looks like! Life as a fish used to be so awesome. I could swim and snack all day, hang out with my friends, or do both at the same time. But it all changed when Mario started to visit our waters. One day, I’ll get my peaceful life back where he won’t be trying to get in my way all the time.






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