#3 – Mapping Out My Site

Layout of happyvibes.space

My website layout intends to feature all of my posts as the primary content, which is why all posts will be accessible from the landing page. For the purpose of this course, I’ve also made all the categories visible in the header, but this may change if I decide to revisit this site after this course is over. Clicking on a category will take the reader to a list of posts made under the chosen category, where they would be able to select a post to read.

My “About” page is also featured on the header alongside my categories, to follow regular website conventions.

I decided to lay out my website this way so that not only are my assignments and blog posts relatively easy to find and read, but by allowing my landing page to update each time I make a post, it makes the site dynamic, with visitors seeing different headings every few days. I feel that this best reflects how I see my online identity expanding in the future – I feel like the way I think about my real life self in relation to my online self has began to change, especially now that I am aware of the ways in which we are disinhibited online, and as we continue through the class, I feel like the ways in which I will create content will keep changing, too.

This made me wonder if a static page that I create at the beginning of a semester will truly reflect who I am at the end of the class. I feel at the bare minimum, I wanted to make the landing page an up-to-date look at what I’d been thinking about at that point in the semester.

Social Media

I actually enjoy the idea of an online identity that my friends nor family are not aware of, so I’m not sure if I am able to initiate a new social media account that is connected to this blog. However, I do already have accounts on major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok – I find that in projecting myself, I enjoy X the most, only because that is where I am most disconnected from my friends and family, and just get to chat with myself. To me, social media is not so much about the medium, but who and how many people we are connected to. While I say that X is my favourite for projecting my online self because of the anonymity I’ve created for myself, I find myself using Facebook or Instagram the most often, because I go online to satisfy my curiosity of what my friends and family are posting.






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