#2 – Setting Up WordPress

Setup and Installation

Having experience in both working with WordPress and setting up a website before, I overall did not have much difficulty in installing and setting up my website. The real struggle however, was in figuring out how to customize my theme in a way that would make my website look personal. I previously didn’t know that in order to change layouts, I had to edit the entire template that was applied to the page I wanted to edit. I spent a good majority of my time trying to edit through Site Editor, and wondered why the layout of my front page was not changing.


Since I already have a design portfolio website that uses my name as part of the URL (erika.wang), I wanted something separate from it, hence why I opted for happyvibes.space for this website’s URL. Before purchasing the domain, I also considered some .com domains, however, similar to my portfolio site, I was attracted to the idea of my subdomain name and domain being connected. I bought the domain name off of Porkbun for $1.12, and had to connect the security certificate to Reclaim Hosting.

Vision board

My vision board helped me narrow the theme of my blog down to ‘water’. It also inspired me to make blue the primary colour for my blog, not just because of water, but also because I like the colour blue, and it contrasts with my portfolio site, which is primarily red.

In the following weeks, I would like to continue adding more images and icons to my website, since it’s very text-heavy right now.






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