#12 – Comments section

My blog is a space where I just want to provide personal opinion, and I do not really seek it as a place to spark debate or conversation. It may sound cold, but should there be polarizing opinions left in my hypothetical comments section, I am not really interested in defending my content, as I do not see them as deeply complex nor ethical issues. This is part of the reason why I do not want to allow comments on my posts (part of it is because I got over 70+ spam comments on my peer review #1) – it opens up a space for deeper engagement, which would definitely be productive, but because my blog is just limited to one person’s take on selected topics, I do not have the desire for someone to engage with it too much. Perhaps because ‘water’ is not much of a controversial topic, I am overthinking the consequences of opening my comments section, but I feel like leaving it closed contributes to speaking to my online identity.