#10 – Marketability of my own site

Completing peer review #3 was a good opportunity to think about marketing happyvibes.space to an audience. In conjunction with reading about SEO’s this week, I felt like there were a few areas that I could improve upon to build credibility.

Domain name

While at the beginning of the semester, I was content with the name of my site – I set out with the intention of making my site a place with happy vibes – after peer reviews, I’ve started thinking about how it’s pretty unclear how it ties into my theme. In the future, it might be beneficial for me to change my url, or shift my theme to talk more about space or happiness, instead of just water.

Site name

This was also set at the beginning of the semester, at a point where I was unsure what my blog will be about. However, the title “Erika’s PUB101 blog” does communicate my name and purpose of this site clearly, so I’m not sure if I would change it during the semester, but perhaps taking out the “PUB101” part and replacing it with “water” would help with the site’s identity and thus its marketability.

Landing page

Currently, my site is text-heavy, which means that it will take longer than a moment for audience to understand what my site is about, especially if they enter through my landing page. While on one hand I do wonder if this would help me curate my audience down to people who are willing to engage with text-heavy content, I want to iterate in the future to include more images so that marketability is improved by letting audience set up more accurate expectations of what they will take away from my site.