bubly water, in the y2k era

Hear me out – since bubly water came out fairly recently, only in 2018, how would its marketing and branding have been different if it was introduced to the market 20 years ago?

This was a design activity that was also sparked by my obtaining of a few early 2000’s design books this weekend. To start with the results, here’s what I came up with:

And here are some of the cultural contexts from 20 years ago that I used for inspiration:

Mean girls (2004)



Used these for inspiration on what kind of aesthetics appealed to the younger audience back in the day. I ended up taking their use of gradients and the choice of font on Regina George’s shirt as a launching point for some of my earlier iterations.

7-up can designs, to have a picture on how soda cans were designed back in the day:

The bubly website, to know what to write on the cans:


The sites I used to gain cultural context – overall, I was seeing that people were wanting sparkling water as a “soda but also not soda” product, so I tried to lean into the playful aesthetics of soda cans from back in the day:




And finally, here are some of the ‘draft’ designs I did before I decided on the final version.